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After creating an account, you will be automatically redirected to the dashboard. Click “Edit account” and register your account information.

Receive copy of DMCA
We will send DMCAs either by email or by a web form. If you check “Receive copy of DMCA,” you can receive copy of DMCAs that are sent by email.

Product registration and DMCA

Click “Register a product” in the menu, then register the product you want to track and remove piracy.

Register a product
Product name
Enter the name of your product. The name of your product and the keyword that PiracyTakedown uses to track piracy do not always match (See below for details). So you do not worry like “Should I shorten the product name?” or “Should I add PirateBay?”. Let PiracyTakedown take care of it, and simply enter your product name.
Product url
Enter the url of your e-commerce site or company website. Urls will be described on DMCA to verify your products.
Related keyword
Enter your product's identification number, if it has one.

There is nothing for you to do after registering products. PiracyTakedown begins scanning and removing piracy. Here is a overall description of how PiracyTakedown works.

1. Keyword registration

Based on the product information that you have submitted, our operators manually register keywords to search piracy.

2. Search

With the keywords operators have registered, our system searches piracy. It searches the whole Internet and specific websites that frequently pirates your product. The number of urls we have found is shown as “DMCA pending” on the dashboard.


PiracyTakedown sends DMCA to each cyberlockers and search engines. After DMCAs are sent, urls are counted as “DMCA sent” on the dashboard.

4. Takedown confirmation

After sending DMCA, we confirm if the file has actually removed. After the confirmation, urls are counted as “Takedown confirmed” on the dashboard.


Product management

Let's say you want to stop searching/takingdown piracy for Product A, and want to start for Product B.

To do so, first you need to disable the automatic takedown for Product A. Click “View products” and open the page for Product A. Click “Enabled” to turn it off.

Next, you need to enable the automatic takedown for Product B. Similarly, open the page for Product B and click “Enable.”

Enabling automatic takedown

Manual piracy registration

If you know the urls of piracy in advance, you can manually register them to PiracyTakedown. We will search and send DMCA accordingly.

To do so, click “View products” and open the page of the product you want to register piracy. Click “Submit links” and register urls. You can register multiple urls at once.

Manual piracy registration


You can download information on the overview page and the statistics page as an Excel file.

To do so, click “Save as Excel” on the right corner. It might take 30-60 seconds until it is ready, and you will be notified by a popup message. In the meantime you are free to open other pages on our website.

After the popup, click “Download” in the menu and select the file you want to download.


Link relations

Link relations page helps you understand which pages are linking to piracy files.

In the example below, is linked by pirate-site/page1.

Link relations

However in the example below, is linked by three pages, pirate-site/page1, pirate-site/page2 and pirate-site/page3. This information lets us conclude that pirate-site is re-posting the same file over and over.

Link relations

Also, you can hover your mouse on the green rectangle to find the date when the page/file was detected by PiracyTakedown.