Oboom review

May 4th, 2014

With its beautifully designed website, Oboom has been rapidly increasing its users since March 2014. With so many file sharing hosts in this age, why is it so popular? And what is the thread to content creators? Let's take a look.

What is Oboom?

Oboom is another file sharing host that launched in December 2013. It is founded and maintained in Switzerland with its website supporting twelve languages such as English, French, Espanol, Japanese and so on.

Oboom profile
LogoOboom logo
FounderFerdinand Julian Schweers
HeadquartersGrossmatt 6 NW-6052 Hergiswil Schweiz, Switzerland
LaunchDecember 2013

How popular is Oboom?

Oboom has literally boomed in popularity in March 2014. According to SimilarWeb, its weekly visits is estimated to be around 500 in mid-March, but has reached around 2 million two weeks later. Its main users are located in United States, Europe and Japan.

Oboom popularity

Why is Oboom so popular?

There are three speculated reasons behind its popularity.

Oboom's advertisement — Oboom has been putting its advertisement in popular piracy websites such rlslog.net, and even on the most popular download manager (for piracy) JDwonloader.

Shutdown on Ryushare — This must be unexpected to Oboom though, one of the most popular cyberlocker Ryushare was shutdown in 2014 April. Its shutdown has caused its users to shift to Oboom.

Oboom allows users to duplicate uploaded files without downloading — Oboom make it quite easy to duplicate uploaded files by user interface and by API. This feature has increased the number of uploaded files on Oboom, and thus have increased its users.

Oboom duplicate

Oboom's pricing

Oboom's pricing is almost same as those of other cyberlockers. Just like other cyberlockers, it does not support PayPal.

Oboom pricing
1 Month12.99 USD
3 Months26.99 USD
6 Months40.99 USD
1 Year54.99 USD

Is Oboom a Jedi or a Sith?

Is Oboom a Jedi or a Sith
photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

So, is Oboom an ethical file hosting service like Dropbox or an unethical one like Megaupload? Here we check if it has any characteristics that typical cyberlockers have. In the table below, the more true answers, the more likely Oboom is an unethical one.

Oboom characteristics
Uploaders are anonymousTrue
Allows to share files publiclyTrue
Incentivise‎ users to upload filesTrue
Does NOT support payment via PayPalTrue

Clearly, Oboom is an unethical file hosts that is aimed to share infringing contents, which we call a cyberlocker.

Filing DMCA takedown notices to Oboom

When you find infringing contents on Oboom, you can send DMCA takedown notices on its website. Its lead time until removal of infringing contents is 1-2 days. You will receive an e-mail when it has accepted your DMCA takedown notices.