4 Reasons Oboom Could Be the Next Megaupload

May 7th, 2014

Oboom, a cyberlocker surging in popularity since May 2014, could be the biggest threat to digital content industry. Here are four reasons why it is so popular, and why it could be the next Megaupload.

1. API support

Oboom supports application programming interface (API) that allows users to manage files programatically, such as getting information of uploaded files or uploading new files to Oboom.

The potential application of this API is diverse. For example, users can make automates scripts that

  • download popular files from other cyberlockers and upload them to Oboom; or
  • detect when uploaded files were removed due to DMCA and re-upload to Oboom.

Whatever the application might be, Oboom's API will increase the spread of online piracy.

2. Copy, copy and copy

At Oboom, users can copy other users' files with just a single click. For example, when I find somebody has a popular upload on Oboom, I can copy it into my own folder and share it as my property.

Oboom copy copy copy

Doing the same at other cyberlockers takes time, since users have to download first and then upload. However, Oboom makes it so easy. This could also spread online piracy.

3. Better affiliate program

Just like other cyberlockers, Oboom incentivise‎s users to upload files. However the incentive is far better than other that of others.

For pay per sale (PPS), Oboom offers 80-90% of the commission, while other cyberlockers like Rapidgator, offers 50%.

Oboom affiliate

For pay per download (PPD), Oboom offers 70 USD per 1,000 downloads, Rapidgator offers 35 USD. (1 Euro = 1.39 USD)

Oboom download commission

4. Full mobile support

According to its website, Oboom is developing a mobile app. Details are still unknown however, it will obviously enable users to download files to mobile devices.

So far no other cyberlockers have supported mobile devices (users had to use unofficial app like ShareDownloader) and downloaders were mostly PC users. However, when Oboom supports mobile devices, it might create a new market for cyberlockers.

Oboom mobile